About ResCom

Founded in 1993, ResCom started as a mortgage management business in Melbourne, Australia. The core service at the time was the management of residential and commercial property loans on behalf of major Australian financial institutions.

Since its existence, ResCom has evolved into a complete property investment and finance solution centre, with a team of over 200 qualified and experienced professionals, and a growing network of 12 offices throughout Australia.

Our success has enabled us to expand our presence into Malaysia to cater to the needs of savvy Asian Investors on the property market in Australia.

ResCom is proud to offer “all-in-one” property investment solutions and strategies, and a full suite of in-house professional services in:

With ResCom, our clients will gain access to some of Australia’s lucrative property investments that are traditionally not available to investors outside Australia.

We couple this opportunity with our commitment to provide the best products and personal service to help our clients make the best investment decisions.


  Leonard Ng
Managing Director
ResCom Australia Sdn Bhd

Having lived and worked in Australia for over 20 years, Leonard has the exposure and insight to help investors maximise their investment returns. He has worked in several major banks and draws on his experience to guide clients on the best loan structures and source for the best properties.

His ‘hands-on’ approach has gained him professional experience in all facets of property investment and lending. As a result, Leonard has an extensive property investment portfolio which includes commercial and residential developments, as well as prime CBD properties.