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Good properties do not stay in the market long. Since we are in the business of finance, we are able to advise you efficiently on how much you are able to borrow against your property. While everyone else is busy putting their loans together, you’d be ready to snap up the opportunity when it comes knocking.

Investors can refer to the following loan application guide as applied in Australia:
  • Eligibility is based on serviceability and the nature of the security, not age limit
  • Loans can generally be structured up to 30 years
  • Loans can be secured on an interest-only basis for the first 5-10 years
  • Selected financial institutions offer the flexibility of putting in extra repayments
A common mistake among new investors is the belief that low interest rates make the best loans. That decision fails to take into consideration other long term risks, such as foreign exchange fluctuations, hidden fees and charges, as well as the functionality of the loan.

Drawing on our established networks and experience in lending to foreign investors, ResCom is well positioned to help you make the most viable financial structure and decisions. We can even take it one step further to assist you in providing credit lines against the equity of your current investments.

Our consultants have a sound understanding of the property loan requirements in Australia, and can help smoothen the process as much as possible to ensure that your needs are met.